We are very proud to present this year’s Delegation.


 IMG_4793 Gündner Kathrin
Life Sciences Muttenz “Having the strong ambition to operate in a multidisciplinary and international surrounding, I imagine the world as a big puzzle. It needs a diversity of experiences abroad to connect its pieces. Focus India will broaden my horizon by providing insight into the challenges and excellences of an impressive culture.”
 IMG_4790 Leuenberger Stefan
Business Administration Olten“After my Bachelor Degree, I would like to start with the “Master of Science in International Management” programme. I hope that Focus India gives me a sufficient international overview to be best prepared for a Master in International Management.”
 IMG_4801 Maric Nina
Business Administration Brugg“After my studies I plan on working in Human Resources of an international company. My biggest passion is getting to know other cultures. Therefore I intend to work all over the globe. Focus India is my first step towards getting to know the Indian business culture. “
 IMG_4800 Müller Andreas
Business Administration Part-Time Olten“After my bachelors degree I want to do a masters degree and work for a bank. In my hands I hold some shredded notes from the Swiss National Bank. For me, this symbolizes inflation, which I think might be a challenge that could engage us in the future.”
 IMG_4841 Müller Micha
Engineering Brugg“After my studies I want to work as a mechanical engineer in a local company. This project is a good chance to get in contact with my future employer. I am really interested in exploring a new culture and meet people from a fascinating country with a lot of differences compared to Switzerland.”
 IMG_4795 Schmid Kevin
Business Administration Olten“I would like to work in the real estate investment sector after graduation. As this is an international business, it is possible that I will partially work abroad. Focus India gives me an opportunity to gain first experience in doing international business as well as having an insight into another culture.”
 IMG_4844 Schnell Caroline
iCompetence Brugg“I imagine working in a dynamic company among a down-to-earth team. I like changing situations and diverse areas of operation. I can therefore very well picture my self in a start-up company or in consulting as Data Explorer / Scientist or back in a management position.”
 IMG_4839 Schreiber Kenny
Social Work Olten“Countries like India have always fascinated me. Since my childhood, I have felt deeply connected to Asian countries and their ability to mix traditional and modern lifestyles. Someday, I hopefully will be able to emigrate to such a country. Before that I want to continue my studies in English and Japanese and also gain further experience in working together with disabled people.”
 IMG_4843 Seeger Sebastian
Engineering Brugg“After graduation, I intend to work for an international company as an engineer. India as an emergent country becomes important for every company operating globally. Therefore, I believe it is important to get a better understanding of India’s culture and economic advantages.”
 IMG_4842 Vellappallil Felix
Engineering Brugg“I would like to do an internship with or even work for a company in Asia after completing my studies. For this, “Focus India” is an excellent opportunity to get to know more about the mentality and the way they deal with foreign workers. In addition, as an Indian-original, I can also see how the companies there work.”